X gives free blue ticks to its most top users


X, formerly known as Twitter, is implementing a notable policy change by granting blue verification badges to its most “influential” users.

Individuals with over 2,500 verified followers, including those already subscribed to X Premium, are now receiving premium features at no additional cost.

Along with the coveted blue verification badge, these users will experience a reduction in the number of advertisements displayed on X.

The social media platform also announced it was clearing bots so people may notice follower numbers decreasing.

Originally intended as a means to authenticate users’ identities, blue verification badges transitioned into a paid feature following Elon Musk’s acquisition of the site.

However, recent messages received by select users indicate that these features are now being distributed free of charge to individuals deemed “influential members of the community.”

Additionally, premium users benefit from having their tweets ranked higher when replying to others and are eligible to apply for revenue sharing from site advertisements.

Furthermore, individuals with over 5,000 verified followers are granted complimentary access to Premium+, a tier that substantially reduces advertisements and elevates the ranking of their tweets in response to others.

This change follows Mr. Musk’s announcement of the feature in late March.

Prior to Mr. Musk’s acquisition of X, the blue verification badge was issued as a free authentication badge by the platform.

Originally, it served as a tool for verifying identities, aimed at curbing fake accounts and the dissemination of misinformation.

The blue tick was once regarded as a symbol of authority on the platform, as only select individuals, such as celebrities, government officials, and journalists, could attain verification status.

Mr. Musk disapproved of this hierarchical system, criticizing it for fostering a division between “lords and peasants.”

Under the billionaire’s leadership, the blue tick transitioned into a symbol indicating subscription to X Premium, formerly known as Twitter Blue, with a verification process tied to this subscription.

However, it has now evolved into a hybrid of the two approaches—where a person’s prominence is determined by their following from other verified accounts.