Anambra woman uses grandson for child labour, faces legal actions


A middle-aged woman identified as Nkechi will be charged for allegedly involving her seven-year-old grandson (identity withheld) in money-making activities in Onitsha, Anambra state.
Commissioner Ify Obionab of Women and Social Welfare made the revelation after the boy was caught by a group of vendors selling sachet water in the Ochanja market while students were in class.

While the victim was under the protection of the state government, Obinabo said she had called the grandmother and promised to prosecute any such child labour violators in the state.

She highlighted the government’s commitment to bringing offenders accountable and voiced worry about the growing prevalence of child labour.

She claims that since the victims’ childhood was stolen, psychological instability is one of the main effects of child labour.

Narrating his ordeal, the seven-year-old pure-water hawker, said his grandmother had asked him to hawk pure water so they would be able to feed.

He said: “I’m a primary two pupil and living with my grandmother in Onitsha while my mother is in Lagos with my elder brother.

“It was my grandmother who asked me to hawk pure water so we would be able to feed. She usually gives me N250.00 every day to purchase water and I trek from 33 to Ochanja each day to make sales.”

On the profit he makes per day and what the proceeds were used for, the victim said: “I make about N2000 every day we use in buying rice and spaghetti for feeding.

The traders who brought the victim to the commissioner, also donated the sum of N10,200 to assist him enroll him in school.

The commissioner expressed gratitude to the traders who belonged to the Ochanja Market Union for their decision to bring the boy to her attention, urging others to follow their example for the betterment of society.