[GRAPHIC VIDEO/ PHOTOS] Lovers died during fight in Lagos –Police


The Lagos State Police Command has verified that Adebayo Adeseko and his girlfriend, Sarah Adesanya, lost their lives following a dispute in their residence.

Residents of Ojodu, Ikeja, Lagos State, were taken aback when news circulated that a man and a woman had died following a “bloody” altercation in their apartment.

According to information gathered by newsmen, the cause of the Sunday morning fight between the two lovers remained uncertain to residents interviewed by the PUNCH.

However, it was reported that the couple had been engaged in arguments since the previous day, leading to the discovery of their lifeless bodies in their residence the following day.

A resident known as Lawal shared a 33-second video with newsmen, displaying the bodies of the yet-to-be-identified boyfriend and girlfriend lying on the floor in their apartment. Describing the incident as “crazy,” the video depicted the bodies in a pool of blood extending from inside the apartment to the front of the door.

The presence of blood on the ground and surfaces raised suspicions that a struggle might have occurred between the two within the house. The deceased male, wearing a brown top and native shorts, lay at the entrance of the door, while the female was seen facing the ground inside the apartment.

In the video, many people who had gathered could be heard talking in the background as one of them said the lady had struggled.

“It’s crazy; that was how people met them. They were fighting and killed themselves in the process,” Lawal said, adding, “We don’t know what caused their fight.”

Another source said, “That was what we heard. I can’t say why they fought”, adding, “People said they had previously heard their arguments.”

An insider from the Ojodu Division of the state police command informed our correspondent that the parents of the woman were cognizant of the disputes between the lovers. The source also mentioned that the man expressed dissatisfaction when the lady indicated her intention to end the relationship.

The policeman said, “It’s a matter of a boyfriend and girlfriend. According to people who are close to them, the girl said she was not interested again. The guy was like, ‘After wasting my whole time, and you say you are not doing again?’ The parents confirmed they have been having issues. The dad confirmed that the guy beat the lady up last week and he called them to settle the matter, and the guy promised not to touch her again, but just today, we met the dead bodies inside one room.”

He mentioned that the bodies had been removed.

Reports state that many people’s replied to the video, which was starting to trend on X (formerly Twitter), included questions about whether the relationship was forced.

@ChuksEricE, while lamenting the incident, said no one should stay in an abusive relationship.

“Marriages are meant to be honoured – if there is love and honour from both partners. No religion asks you to stay in an abusive relationship. Aunty, brother, leave that toxic relationship today! Some people are still in such a situation as we speak, yet they are still there because of ‘what people will say?’ Hmm RIP to the dead,” the user wrote on Sunday.

“Stay away from toxic relationships, boyfriend and girlfriend fought and killed themselves at Ogba Aguda today,” @Olahitan0 also said.

Benjamin Hundeyin, the public relations officer for the state police, verified the incident to our correspondent on Sunday, however he pointed out that it took place in Ojodu.

Hundeyin, in a text message sent to newsmen after enquiring about the incident, said, “No arrest (was made).”

“It happened in Ojodu,” the PPRO said.

According to reports, a furious boyfriend killed his fiancée with a sledgehammer in late 2023 after thinking she was going to see another man.

Subsequently, at a news conference, Lagos Commissioner of Police Idowu Owohunwa revealed the suspect’s arrest.

“One Samuel Adeniyi got consumed by emotions and smashed the head of his girlfriend, and killed her. He (Adeniyi) said he suspected that the girl might leave him and perhaps for just that reason, he killed her and ran away. We have succeeded in arresting him and recovering the sledgehammer that he used and we will bring him to justice,” the former CP said.