20 Things to consider when choosing a University in Nigeria


There is one error I see many Nigerian students make. They simply notice a university and apply without conducting thorough research on it. But this is not how it should be!

When selecting a university, make sure it suits your personal interests and career aspirations.

Let me tell you that no Nigerian university is flawless. Every university has both positive and negative aspects.

However, your capacity to research the university and determine if it is right for you makes all the difference.

So, in this piece, I’d want to present you 20 things to consider when choosing a university in Nigeria.

Ready? Let’s plunge in!

20 Factors to Consider When Choosing a University in Nigeria

Here are the 20 factors to consider when choosing a university in Nigeria:

1. Accreditation


When it comes to choosing a university in Nigeria, accreditation is a BIG deal.

It’s like a stamp of approval that says the institution has met specific quality standards set by the National Universities Commission (NUC).

Think of it as an insurance policy for your education – you want to be sure that the degree you earn will be widely recognized and respected by employers and other educational institutions, right?

Going for an accredited university means you can have peace of mind knowing that the faculty, infrastructure, and educational resources are all up to par.

So, don’t forget to tick the accreditation box when considering your options!

2. Reputation


Reputation is another important factor to consider when choosing a university in Nigeria.

Reputation is like a buzzword that you just can’t ignore.

Think of it as a university’s street cred.

You know, like when your friends recommend a good restaurant because they’ve been there and loved it?

That’s what a good reputation is all about.

It’s a reflection of the institution’s track record, its commitment to quality education, and its overall awesomeness.

A great reputation can help you stand out in a sea of graduates and give you a competitive edge in the job market.

So, take the time to find a university with a reputation that speaks volumes, and you’ll be on your way to success in no time!

3. Academic Programs

Academic Programs
Academic Programs

When it comes to choosing a university in Nigeria, the academic programs are like the toppings on your favorite pizza.

You want to make sure that they have everything you need to satisfy your educational hunger.

From courses to majors, the university should offer a wide variety of programs that fit your interests and career goals.

You wouldn’t want to be stuck with a bland program that doesn’t excite you, would you?

So, check out the curriculum, faculty expertise, and the latest trends in your field of study to ensure that the programs are fresh and relevant.

4. Faculty Quality

To make the most out of your university journey, you have to consider the quality of faculty.

Think of them as the rockstars of your education, the ones who’ll inspire you to reach for the stars!

You want to find professors who are knowledgeable, experienced, and passionate about their subjects – the ones who’ll guide you on your academic journey.

Check out their credentials, research, and teaching styles to make sure they’re the right fit for you.

So, don’t settle for mediocre faculty – go for the best!

With top-notch faculty members, you’ll be ready to rock your education and achieve greatness!

5. Facilities and Infrastructure

Think of facilities and Infrastructure as the power-ups that can level up your educational adventure.

You want to find a campus that’s like a high-tech playground, with modern classrooms, awesome libraries, and state-of-the-art labs.

Don’t forget about the cozy study spots, vibrant student lounges, and sports facilities that make campus life epic.

A university with top-notch facilities creates an environment where you can unleash your potential and have a blast while learning.

So, choose a university that offers an exciting and well-equipped campus, and get ready to supercharge your educational journey!

6. Research Opportunities

You want to find a university that values research and encourages you to think outside the box.

Check out their research facilities, funding, and collaboration opportunities with leading industries and research institutions.

Engaging in research can ignite your curiosity, develop your problem-solving skills, and give you a chance to contribute to groundbreaking discoveries.

It’s an opportunity to explore uncharted territory and make a real impact.

So, choose a university that offers exciting research opportunities, and get ready to embark on a captivating intellectual adventure!

7. Student-to-Faculty Ratio

Imagine having a small, exclusive gathering where you can connect with your professors on a personal level.

A low student-to-faculty ratio means more one-on-one time, personalized attention, and mentorship opportunities.

It’s like having your own fan club of supportive professors cheering you on.

So, forget about getting lost in a sea of students.

Choose a university that offers a low student-to-faculty ratio, and get ready to rock your education with an up-close and personalized experience!

8. Admission Requirements

Think of admission requirements as the secret handshake to join an exclusive club.

You want to make sure you meet the criteria, just like getting the golden ticket to Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory.

Check out the requirements for your desired course, like academic qualifications and entrance exams.

It’s like putting together a puzzle and proving you’ve got what it takes.

Don’t worry if it seems challenging; it’s a testament to the university’s standards.

So, find a university that fits your puzzle and get ready to unlock a world of exciting opportunities!

9. Tuition Fees and Financial Aid

Tuition fees and financial aid are like the superheroes that can make your educational dreams a reality.

You want to find a university that doesn’t empty your pockets but still offers top-notch education.

Check out the affordability of tuition fees and dig into the treasure trove of scholarships, grants, and financial aid programs.

It’s like discovering a hidden treasure chest that can lighten the financial burden.

So, choose a university that gives you a financial high-five and makes your dreams come true without breaking the bank!

10. Location

Location is a crucial factor to consider when choosing a university in Nigeria.

Think about the lifestyle you want to live, the safety of the area, and the opportunities available.

Are you a city slicker or a small town sweetheart?

Consider the local culture, transportation options, and proximity to family.

A great location can make or break your university experience.

You want to choose a university that feels like a second home.

So, find a location that matches your personality, and get ready for an unforgettable adventure!

11. Campus Culture

You want to choose a university that feels like a second home, with a vibrant atmosphere, exciting clubs, and endless extracurricular activities.

Do you want to experience a lively sports scene, explore your artistic side, or immerse yourself in a melting pot of cultures?

A strong campus culture can help you grow as a person, connect with like-minded individuals, and make your university years unforgettable.

So, choose a university with a campus culture that speaks to your soul and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime!

12. Internship and Job Placement Opportunities

Look for a university that goes above and beyond to connect you with industry insiders, internship programs, and career support.

These opportunities are like superpowers that give you hands-on experience, networking connections, and a smooth entry into your dream job.

So, choose a university that sets the stage for your success, where internships and job placements are the red carpets to your future.

Get ready to shine bright in the professional spotlight!

13. Alumni Network

The alumni network is like the Avengers of your career journey, ready to swoop in and save the day.

Look for a university with a kickass alumni network that can connect you with industry giants, job opportunities, and valuable insights.

These incredible alumni are like your personal mentors and cheerleaders, always there to guide and support you.

So, choose a university with a powerful alumni network, and get ready to join a league of extraordinary individuals who will help you soar to new heights!

14. Student Support Services

Student support services are like your personal cheerleaders, therapists, and mentors all rolled into one.

Look for a university that offers an array of support services like academic tutoring, counseling, and career guidance.

It’s like having a secret weapon to conquer any challenge that comes your way.

These services are designed to help you thrive, overcome obstacles, and make the most of your university experience.

So, choose a university with a rock-solid support system, and get ready to unleash your full potential with a team that’s always in your corner!

15. Library Resources

Look for a university with a library that feels like a treasure chest, filled with an abundance of physical and digital resources.

From classic novels to cutting-edge research papers, these resources are like your personal time machines, transporting you to different worlds and expanding your horizons.

So, choose a university with a library that invites you on an adventure, and get ready to unlock a world of knowledge that will shape your academic journey in the most extraordinary ways!

16. Co-curricular Activities

Look for a university that offers a smorgasbord of extracurricular activities like clubs, sports, and events.

These activities are like the spice that adds flavor to your university experience, letting you unleash your passions, connect with like-minded individuals, and create memories that will make you smile for years to come.

So, choose a university that embraces the joy of learning beyond textbooks, and get ready to embark on an adventure where fun and growth go hand in hand!

17. Diversity and Inclusion

Look for a university that celebrates the uniqueness of every individual, creating a melting pot of perspectives.

It’s like joining a family where differences are not just accepted but cherished.

Embrace the opportunity to learn from people with diverse backgrounds, expand your horizons, and challenge your own beliefs.

So, choose a university that embraces the power of diversity and inclusion, and get ready to embark on a transformative journey where unity in diversity reigns supreme!

18. Industry Partnerships

Look for a university that has strong ties with industries, like a matchmaker for your future career.

These partnerships open doors to internships, mentorships, and job opportunities that give you a head start in the real world.

It’s like having industry insiders whispering valuable insights in your ear.

So, choose a university with impressive industry partnerships, and get ready to ride the waves of success in your chosen field.

19. Accreditation of Professional Bodies

Look for a university that holds accreditation from respected professional bodies in your field.

It’s like having a backstage pass to the professional world, where your qualifications are recognized and respected.

With this accreditation, you’re equipped with the skills and knowledge that employers seek.

It’s like having a secret weapon for career success.

So, choose a university with professional body accreditation and get ready to shine bright in your chosen field.

20. Graduation Rate and Employability

Look for a university where students not only graduate but thrive, like a garden where knowledge blossoms.

And guess what? Employability rates give you a sneak peek into the job market’s love affair with graduates from that university.

It’s like a green light to a fulfilling career.

So, choose a university with sky-high graduation and employability rates, and get ready to embark on a journey that leads straight to success!