No government which understands value of education will tolerate strike for one day-Ushie


Joseph Ushie, a professor of English and Dean of the University of Uyo’s Faculty of Arts, has claimed that the federal government does not value education.

According to him, the government’s attitude toward the Academic Staff Union of Universities’ prolonged strike demonstrates that it has no understanding of how the university system operates.

Ushie said, “This government has not even shown that it understands the university system. No government, which understands the value and essence of education, will tolerate a strike for one day. The government has tied our two hands behind our backs. Having done that to us, they have also told us not to cry, because if we do, they will not give us water to drink.

“Does it make sense whether I cry or I don’t cry? The point is that my hands are tied behind my back. Government behaves this way. They give us a strong slap and tell us how to open our mouths.”

He berated the Minister of State for Education, Emeka Nwajuiba; and the Minister of Labour, Chris Ngige, for their disposition towards the strike, which according to him, is not surprising.

The don stated, “I am not surprised that Emeka Nwajiuba and Ngige are saying all the things they have been saying since the strike started. This government is not taking education seriously. All these government officials saying all these things are just showing how ignorant they are.”

“One of them even said lecturers, who want to earn more than N416,000, should go into politics or so. You can just imagine the disrespect! I am even thankful to God that they have not decided to dissolve all the federal universities in the country and put all the lecturers in gas chambers. Maybe, until that is done, people will not understand that this is a serious weapon to destroy education.”