Actor Emeka Amakaeze tackles Pastor Adeboye’s controversial prayer against christians


The founder of The Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Enoch Adeboye, is a Nigerian preacher whose prayer themes have caused controversy among his flock.

Adeboye led a stirring prayer in a video clip from the church’s 2021 youth convention that went viral.

Adeboye summoned a similar devotion, citing the biblical tale of how the prophet’s sons bowed before Elisha after he got the double part of Elijah’s power.

He fervently prayed for Christians from other denominations to humbly bow before members of his congregation,

His words;

I decree in the name that is above every other name, Christians from other denominations will bow before you”.

The congregation responded with resounding amens.

The controversial prayer was discussed in a blog post, to which actor Emeka Amakaeze responded with dismay.

He bemoaned the fact that, in the midst of the nation’s tremendous suffering, Christians in the video appeared to be more interested in loudly applauding to Adeboye’s prayer than in seeing other Christians bend down to them.

Amakaeze brought up the critical problems that society is currently suffering, like famine, kidnappings, and terrorist activity, and she suggested that these pressing issues should receive more attention and action.

Emeka Amakaeze wrote;

“Upon all the hardship in Naija, Christians are shouting thunderous Amen to other Christians bowing before them.

Hunger, kidnappers and terrorists can finish you as long as other Christians bow before you. O dị mma.”