Actress Osas Ighodaro shares how she was introduced to acting


Nollywood actress Osas Ighodaro recently opened up about her early years and her acting career.

She discussed her origins and her path to celebrity at a recent Pulse One-on-One conversation.

Osas Ighodaro highlighted the impact of her childhood and her Nigerian background, even though she was reared in the United States.

“What was childhood like for you? What was growing up like?” asked Elvis Christian, the host.

She responded,

 “Well, I grew up in New York, born and raised with my siblings and my parents. And even though I grew up there, I grew up in a very Naija household. Even outside the house, it’s like, ‘Remember who your family is and behave yourself, but yeah, it was a beautiful upbringing.”

She talked about her foray into acting, disclosing that she faced some initial resistance from her parents. However, she persisted in pursuing her passion for acting, citing her determination and strong-willed nature.

“I had to do a lot of convincing and crying, but I think I’m also stubborn; I’m a strong-headed individual when I want something.”

Recounting her first exposure to acting, she explained:

“I had low self-esteem growing up, and they put me in modelling school. I went through that experience, and after that, the president of that school offered me a scholarship to take acting classes. I wasn’t exposed to acting till I was 13, then I took my first acting class, and I never turned back since, and I was like, ‘What is this? I want to indulge in this craft of acting.’ So I’ve never turned back since.”