AFCON: AY Makun rallies Alex Iwobi amidst raging online bullying


Stand-up comedian Ayo Richard Makun, also known as AY Makun, has warned Nigerians who engage in cyberbullying to avoid transferring their grief and disappointment to Super Eagles footballer Alex Iwobi.

Through his Instagram page, AY asked Super Eagles supporters to stop cyberbullying Iwobi because his only transgression was coming to represent his country.

Iwobi was among the players who faced backlash after Nigeria’s 2-1 loss to Ivory Coast in the AFCON final on Sunday, according to The Nation.

The Fulham player eventually removed every photo he had posted on his official Instagram profile following the AFCON final in response to the severe criticism.

The comedian urged Nigerians to think beyond personal interests and look at the negative effects of their ‘evil’ actions.

“Anyone can become a victim of cyberbullying. Malicious information posted on the internet can spread far and wide at an instant, and it is always difficult to be deleted completely. The immediacy of the spread makes it hard for victims to defend themselves or take precautions. The harm caused by cyberbullying is always ignored by computer or mobile phone users.

“It is so sad to see how you all have exhibited various forms of cyberbullying on a young man whose only crime was to come and represent his father land. Tomorrow, you all will still be wondering why the likes of Saka and others are never going to play for Nigeria?

“It’s time to think beyond your personal interests and look at the negative effects of your evil actions.

“Let’s help promote a culture of care and respect on the internet and prevent cyberbullying,” he wrote.