Any guy who clubs all day is not for me – Tyla


Grammy-winning singer Tyla from South Africa has disclosed that she isn’t dating right now.

She claims that she is single because she wants to devote her efforts to her music profession right now.

The “Water” singer recently stated in an interview with Power 96.5 FM in Miami that she would rather date a man who enjoys video games than a man who frequently attends clubs.

“Would you rather have a boyfriend who is always in the club or someone who plays video games a lot?” the host posed the question.

Tyla answered, “All day, video games.” A man of the club? Not at all! How in the hell?

“I would rather have a boyfriend who plays video games than a boyfriend who is at the club every weekend. At least, I know the guy who plays video games will always be home with me. I also love being at home.”

On why she is single, she said: “Yes, I am single. I’m not playing with all of that right now. I am focusing on the prize.”