BBTitans: Biggie introduces rule forbiding communication between opposite sex


In a shocking turn of events, Big Brother introduced a new rule on Thursday night that prohibits communication between male and female housemates.

Housemates of the opposite sex are not permitted to communicate with one another until Biggie declares otherwise. The rule forbids male and female housemates from communicating with one another.

The housemates were also divided into two tribes, and they can only communicate with one another through Yaya and Miracle, two mediators chosen by each gender.

The mediator is limited to speaking in squared-off zones for a predetermined amount of time each day, as determined by rules.

The rule necessitated the housemates to switch their sleeping arrangements, with females in one room, and guys in another.No female must cook for the male housemates again and vice versa. They are not allowed to use the kitchen at the same time. Also, they need to be kept apart when using the party room and arena.

After presenting the wager challenge successfully and following a violent altercation between Nelisa, Blue Aiva, and Olivia that violated one of Biggie’s rules, the housemates were subjected to the new twist from Biggie.