Bella Shmurda discusses his spiritual approach to songwriting


Nigerian singer and songwriter Bella Shmurda has revealed his spiritual approach to songwriting, considers himself a prophetic artist.

According to Bella Shmurda, in 2024 he intends to display more of his prophetic side.

A documentary about Bella Shmurda’s personal life, including his ascent to the pinnacle of the music industry, his experiences as a dad, and his attraction to Ibadan, was documented during Tension Rave 2024 by WeTalkSound.

Bella Shmurda discussed the reasons behind his yearly trip back to Ibadan during the interview. He claims that he fell in love with Ibadan since the city welcomed him early in his career and offered him his first headline concert.

“I want to bring entertainment to Ibadan. I want people to know Ibadan,”

Bella Shmurda sheds light on his creative process and sources of inspiration, revealing that he approaches music from a deeply spiritual place.

He disclosed that before recording, he prays to God for inspiration, which enables him to compose music with prophecies.

“I’m not just an artist. I do prophetic music and this will be more in 2024,”

Bella Shmurda stated that after becoming a father in 2023, raising his baby has motivated him to work hard  inorder to leave a legacy for him.

“I don’t want my son to grow up to say ‘My father used to sing’. I want him to turn on the TV and see his father”.

Speaking about his journey and the struggles that led to his fame, Bella Shmurda recounted how he stole keke because of money

The video, which surfaced online, captured the artist reflecting on his journey to success and the hardships he encountered along the way.

Bella Shmurda disclosed that despite attempting various ventures, not all of them proved fruitful, leading him to make regrettable decisions

Faced with financial struggles and the pressure to make ends meet, Bella Shmurda admitted that he resorted to stealing a keke in a bid to obtain the much-needed funds.

The artist expressed gratitude to God for guiding him through those tough times and for his current position in the industry.