Caroline Danjuma was married to Davido’s late friend Tagbo – Oritsefemi alleges


Singer Oritsefemi has asserted that actress Caroline Danjuma was married to Davido’s late friend Tagbo Umeike.

Tagbo died in the year 2017. Danjuma had made her relationship with Tagbo public.

In his song “Fia,” Davido refuted the accusation made by the woman that he was responsible for Tagbo’s murder.

Oritsefemi, the spouse of Nabila Fash, experienced marital issues in 2021 as a result of suspected adultery.

In an interview with media personality Chude Jideonwo, Oritsefemi stated that he desired to wed Danjuma.

He claimed that after finding out about Danjuma’s marriage to Tagbo, he made up with his ex-wife.

He went on to say that Danjuma put pressure on Nabila to get married to him following the alleged marriage to Tagbo.

“I never intended to marry her. It was Caroline Danjuma. Caroline went and did a court wedding with the late Tagbo,” Oritsefemi said.

“After the wedding, she told Nabila that she had married Tagbo and urged her to make sure I marry her.

“It was Caroline who advised Nabila to get married to me. She said I was a rough diamond and that Nabila’s success was lying on me.

“So that was it. When she asked me that she wanted to marry me, I accepted because she has had about three miscarriages for me.”

In a different story, Oritsefemi has opened up about his relationship with his estranged wife Nabila Fash.

In 2017, the couple exchanged vows. Accusations of infidelity caused a crisis in their marriage in 2021.

The singer was later charged by Fash with “continuous cheating, verbal and emotional abuse.”

She said Oritsefemi used her desire for a boy child as an excuse to have children outside of marriage.

In addition, she claimed that during their relationship, the singer had physically abused her twice.

But the “Igbeyawo” hitmaker refuted the accusations.

Oritsefemi recently discussed the turmoil in their marriage in an interview with Chude Jideonwo.

The 39-year-old singer claimed Fash had “21 miscarriages” but still held him responsible for their inability to have children.

Furthermore, according to Oritsefemi, she sent roughly twenty of her pals to beat him up in his home.