Dating me is like stumbling upon rare flower – Tems


The popular Nigerian singer Temilade Openiyi, also referred to as Tems, has shared intimate details about what it’s like to be in a romantic relationship with her.

Dating her, according to the Grammy-winning singer, is like “stumbling upon a rare species of flower.”

In a recent “Is This Seat Taken” podcast interview, actress Chinasa Anukam shared that while her outside may not be striking, Tems believes that her inner beauty shines through.

But even the colour inside has a stone in it, she cautioned.

“Dating me is like stumbling upon a rare species of flower that looks black from the outside and when you open it, it has pink, purple but in the middle, there’s a stone,” she explained.

Tems is not publicly known to be in any romantic relationship.

In a similar story, Tems revealed which characteristics she looks for in an ideal partner for marriage.

The Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter revealed her preferences for men in an interview that she did on Korty EO’s YouTube channel.

The Grammy-winning singer states that humour, emotional intelligence, and spiritual maturity are the three things she values most in a partner.

She declared that she cannot compromise on these qualities in an ideal partner.

“You have to be emotionally intelligent, very funny, and spiritually adept. Just on that journey of your own,” Tems said.

Tems went on to express her  skepticism about the intentions of many men she encounters. She mentioned that she often perceives their motives as transparent and singular, which makes it challenging for her to trust the authenticity of their words.

In her words;

“The thing is I know their intentions, most of the times they have one intention, as most guys do [Laughs]. They are very obvious, so how can I even trust this conversation we are having it’s not even real, everything you say is fake.

I have thing I am looking for, You have to be emotionally intelligent, very funny, and you have to be spiritually adept, inclined and mature. Just on that journey of your own. To boys that like me ‘show me’.”