Doris Ogala calls out Pastor Chris Okafor over N25m debt, blackmail


Nigerian film actress Doris Ogala publicly called out Pastor Chris Okafor for the umpteenth time on social media.

The actress posted a devoted post on her Instagram profile on April 3, 2024, criticising the pastor of the Mountain of Liberation and Miracle Ministry.

Pastor Chris informed Doris Ogala that the individual who had given the preacher N35 million had only paid N15 million, and he had given her N10 million while keeping N5 million for himself.

The actress went on to say that until she learned later that the pastor had been paid in full to give her the money, but he had lied about it, she believed the individual was still owing her the remaining amount. With a picture of the pastor attached, Doris Ogala wrote:

“Someone gave him N35 million of my hard earned money to give to me. He told me the person only paid n15 million and gave me N10 million and held onto N5 million. With me still thinking the other person was still owing me.. not knowing he took all my money. Chris I want my money complete.”

Doris Ogala also disclosed in the long article that she eventually went up against Pastor Chris Okafor, but he intimidated and blackmailed her instead.

She said the preacher said that because he is a man of God, no one would believe her.

According to her:

“Chris, I want my money complete. Now I’m asking him for my money. He started threatening and blackmailing me. Simply because he’s a self acclaimed man of God. I should not speak. I’m the anointed of God.
Touch me not.

I want my money period… he said because he’s a pastor, no one will believe me. That people will turn against me. He started threatening me.. he even said some people are begging him that they want to drag me. All I want is my money. I worked for it.”