How I discovered my eyesight was horrible- Simi


Singer Simi discussed with fans and followers the day she noticed her eyesight was bad.
In response to a query from a netizen going by the handle Shalom, she said that she had learned how bad her eyesight was when she had to apply for a driver’s licence.

She said that when she applied for it, they made her read a certain passage while covering one eye, which made her recognise how poor her vision was.

Simi went on to state that she had been so disappointed in herself because she did not understand why she could not see.

Shalom’s question: “People that wear glasses, when did you realize that you had to get your eyes checked?”

Simi responded: “I went to apply for my driver’s license. They asked me to cover one eye and read something and there was a caught. I was so disappointed in myself because why can’t you see Simi.”