How I faked my personality on BBNaija – Doyin reveals


The former BBNaija housemate Doyin David claims that she faked her personality while participating on the show.

In 2022, Doyin took part in the “Level Up” episode of BBNaija.

The next year, she also participated in the All-Stars season.

In a recent CreativiTEA podcast episode, Doyin discussed her time on the show and acknowledged that she was “fake.”

The reality TV star claimed that she “hated” the show and sought to project maturity during her first season.

“My first run was not my best run, to be honest,” she said.

“I have been on the show twice. I came out of the show and I hated it. I was fake.

“I came out with the narrative that Doyin is too mature.

“She is always trying to talk things out. That is not really me o. In real life, I fight.”

Doyin shared that she lost a contract due to comments she made in an interview.

“There is no bad or good brand. I had a brand that dropped me,” she added.

“They had signed me and paid me the money. But they called and asked for a refund.

“And it was because of an interview I did.

“And to be fair to them, I deserved to be dropped, because why did I talk?”

In a different story, Doyin shared her religious views.

She mentioned that she does not subscribe to religious programs, expressing skepticism about their efficacy.

Doyin suggested that if religious programs were the solution, Nigeria would be among the world’s greatest countries.

The reality star criticized the excessive time Nigerians spend on prayers, arguing that more focus should be placed on productive work and fostering positive human qualities.

She made these remarks on her Snapchat page in response to a fan who inquired about her lack of participation in online religious programs.