How I nearly quit music to become lecturer  – Fuji star, Adewale Ayuba


Veteran Fuji singer Adewale Ayuba has shared his story about nearly giving up singing to pursue a career as a lecturer in the United States of America.

Ayuba said that in 1995, while on a three-month summer tour in the United States with his band, he was prevented from returning to Nigeria by threats issued by the late military leader of the state, Sani Abacha.

In an interview with Teju Babyface, the musician disclosed that he received threats from the military administration following the release of an album in which he supported the liberation of political prisoners, including the late MKO Abiola.

Ayuba claimed that during his three years in the US, he registered for classes, obtained US citizenship, and considered going into academia. He uttered,

“I left for America with my full band members in 1995 for a summer show and others. We came to America for about three months and then returned to Nigeria.

“I returned to Nigeria in 1998 when Abacha died. The three years I stayed in America were by the grace of God because He is a good planner.

“When I was in America, I realised that I could only perform shows on weekends. My Mondays to Fridays were free. So, I enrolled in school. That was where I met my wife.

“After that, I took part in a lot of activities. Doing so was like building another foundation in America. That was not easy. From there, I completed my documentation and became an American citizen.

“I don’t see myself continuing in Fuji music, I believe I have done well. This is America, there’s more to explore in life, trusting that God has a plan”.

Asked if truly he almost lost interest in Fuji music, Ayuba said;

“True, true true, particularly the kind of genre that I met myself singing Fuji. I’ve started developing a kind of interest in my education. From day one, if anybody asked me what would I wanted to become in life, I would love to become a lecturer or teacher. I can’t lie to you.

“I was thinking if I finished my bachelor’s degree, I would go for my master, and P.hD to be a lecturer. I don’t want the level of being a Fuji musician, I believe I’ve done well, and I’m OK, this is America, let me choose another line.”