I invested close to N15 million on Young Duu’s ‘Oyinmo’- Carter Efe


Comedian and singer Carter Efe has refuted claims that he stole Young Duu, a former signee of Portable, from their famous song “Oyinmo.”
He claims to have spent over N15 million to ensure the success of his song “Oyinmo,” which he wrote with musician Young Duu.

After Carter Efe performed the song “Oyinmo” by himself, Young Duu accused him of being a swindler and exploiting him.
In a recent Spill With Phyna episode, Carter Efe asserted that he invested N15 million to see the project through to completion.

He went on to say that he kept 60% of the song’s proceeds for himself, saving 30% for Young Duu and 10% for the producer.

“I spent close to N15 million on that project, I got 6o% form the project, gave 30% to young duu then 10% to the producer,” he said.