I sometimes sleep inside coffin in my house – Charly Boy


The unconventional musician Charles Oputa, more commonly recognized as Charly Boy, recently disclosed that he keeps a coffin in his residence and occasionally spends hours sleeping inside it.

The individual in their seventies shared this information during their appearance on a recent episode of The Honest Bunch.

One of the co-hosts, Ezinne asked, “There was a time I heard you had coffin and goes to sleep in it for hours or days. Is that true?”

Charly Boy replied, “Yes.”

Ezinne asked again, “Why?”

Charly Boy replied, “Z!”

The experienced singer further revealed that he has remarried his wife on more than three occasions.

He expressed indifference towards sex at this point in his life.

Charly Boy also discussed the impact he had on revolutionizing Nigerian music during his tenure as President of the Performing Musicians Association of Nigeria (PMAN).

“As a PMAN President, I warned the corporate bodies not to pay artistes less than 1 million Naira,” he said.