Laju Iren plans 250m sale records with ‘mistakenly yours’


The film practitioner behind Laju Iren Films, Laju Iren announces the upcoming release of the production house’s latest film, ‘Mistakenly Yours.’
Iren and her crew want to release the new film during Easter celebrations in 2024, and they want to break the 250 million record for sales.

Iren mentioned that the Biodun Stephen-directed faith-based romantic comedy will be accessible to watch almost everywhere in the world, giving viewers the opportunity to purchase tickets and enjoy the movie over the Easter holiday.

“It remains absolutely necessary to continue to find ingenious ways to democratise the film distribution process, while remaining empowered to tell inspiring stories like ours.

Laju noted that unlike physical cinemas, where the audience need to step out of the comfort of their homes to watch, viewers can watch ‘Mistakenly Yours’ from anywhere in the world during the Easter season after getting tickets beforehand at the film’s website.

The film will screen virtually from Good Friday, March 29, to Easter Monday, April 1.

‘Mistakenly Yours’ follows the story of a beautiful filmmaker with a promising future and a clergyman with a dark past, who are forced into an engagement of convenience to fulfil their goals, but ultimately find themselves on a different, more fulfilling, albeit surprising trajectory of love and redemption.

“The stakes are much higher now. In an ambitious attempt to sell at least 50,000 tickets and raise 250m in sales, it’s go big or go home. This time, it’s much bigger, and much better. We’re taking no prisoners as we move into uncharted territories. We have given 1000 percent to the film, we are leaving no stone unturned regarding the viewing experience, and our audience is excited to support us on this adventure. This is a story everyone needs to watch, and we are confident that anyone who loves quality entertainment will pay to see this,” she said.