‘Leave the pop scene’ – Brymo resumes dragging Burna Boy


Nigerian musician Brymo has made disparaging remarks about fellow performer Burna Boy, implying that the Grammy winner should leave the pop genre.

Brymo wrote three messages to the Grammy artist in a recent Instagram story clip. The first message told him to get out of the pop scene.

He said Burna Boy should get out of the “pop scene” as, in his words, “he’s almost ugly and has a voice like him but can’t sing.”

He implored Burna Boy to use his energies for something greater and tell the world about the experiences he thinks he has been denied.

Brymo went on to say that Burna Boy can’t help but crave his attention because he is on a godlike level.

In addition, he asked Burna Boy what he needed from him, as he had promised to help if he asked politely.

Brymo wrote on his instagram story:

“Yo! Three things…1. You need to leave the pop scene. You are seriously looking almost ugly and with a voice like mine that can’t really sing to boot. Take a cause and focus. You need to give the world the things you were deprived of. 2. I am on the Deity level. Any wonder why you can’t resist the yearning for my attention. Not even your international renown is enough to make you look past me, who does not have anything supposedly close to what you are purported to have.
What do you want?? I can help if you ask like a man and respectfully”.

In a different story, Brymo, has pledged never to sign with the record labels of any of his colleagues, Ayodeji Balogun aka “Wizkid”, David Adeleke also known as “Davido” or Damini Ogulu better known as “Burna Boy”.

Brymo declared he would sooner “go to hell” than sign with any of the Afrobeats labels, even though Wizkid, Davido, and Burna Boy are thought to be the industry’s greatest names.

The “Ara” crooner made an appearance as a guest on the most recent episode of “Curiosity Made Me Ask,” a Bae U Barbie programme.