Lil Durk’s 10-year-old son allegedly shot stepfather in defence of his mother during domestic fight


Lil Durk’s 10-year-old son was involved in an incident in which he allegedly shot his stepfather, Joshua Pippens, after a domestic dispute with his mother.

The incident was caught on tape when the boy allegedly took a gun from Pippens, pointed it at him, and fired one shot.

The mother of the child, who was wearing purple at the moment, looked to be being restrained by Pippens, who was visible in orange.

In the video, Pippens is seen falling to the ground as the child—clad in a red t-shirt and shorts—points the gun at him just before a gunshot is heard.

Since the July 1 incident, Pippens has taken to Instagram to offer his side of the tale from his hospital bed.

He says the boy behaved as a result of his mother’s influence, but he denies being the aggressor.

Pippens added that the dispute might have something to do with the couple’s shared child’s custody arrangements.

He emphasised that despite everything, he still loved the child.

He wrote:

“As y’all can see I was not the aggressor. And y’all also can see how I still had my gun on my hip. He grabbed my gun off my hip following his mom’s lead and tried to shoot me and then actually shot me.

“My gun was on my hip and I was trying to protect myself from getting shot. I never in a million years thought a kid I bought four wheelers and paid football leagues and everything would do this but he only knows what mom shows him. I still love him like he’s mine.

“Whatever makes y’all feel better. That’s why I got custody of my kids and she don’t. Y’all so internet think [sic] god it was me that took the shot and not her”.

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