Make-up artist who drowned with Jnr Pope laid to rest by riverbank


Abigail Frederick, identified as the makeup artist who tragically lost her life alongside actor Jnr Pope and other crew members in a boat crash on the Anam river, has been laid to rest in a somber ceremony.

According to a guy going by the Facebook name Moses Ekor, Abigail was buried by the riverside because her father lacked the funds to perform the required sacrifice so that her body could be transported back to Akwa Ibom State.

Moses Ekor expressed concern and discontent, calling the burial beside the riverbed “shameful.” He praised a few individuals who sent donations to help her parents get from Akwa Ibom to Asaba.

In his own words:

“Abigail Fredrick

Body Will Be Buried This Night By The Side Of River Niger, The Father Is There Right Now, He Has Non Say Because The Money We Raise For His Is Too Small To Conduct The Traditional Sacrifice And Bring Back Abigail Body To Akwa Ibom jonal Sacrifice And

I’m Too Sad I Wish We Could Raised More! Burring Her At The River Bank This Night Is A Shame To Me.”


In another post, he wrote:

“Shame Abigail Frederick Has Just Been Buried At The River Bank

The Father Had No Dime, I Went Round Begging For Money This Morning For The Parent To Move To Asaba.

The Taxi they Hired To And Fro Billed N180,000.

Monies Raised:

Holly George MC Holly Gave #50,000

Hon Akata Gave N50,000

Charles Udoh N100,000

Utang Akwa Ibom N80,000

Moses Eskor N10,000

Idy James N5000

Mayfiyn Anwana N15,000

Total N310,000

Transportation Alone Cost them N200,000

The Couldn’t Afford A Sacrifice Of Over N150,000 And and Ambulance to bring back Abigail.

I am grateful to all who contributed

Abigail Has Been Buried

But It is A Shame That We Couldn’t Bring Back Her Body.”