Marriage not achievement, finding right partner is — Actress Mary Njoku


Nollywood actress, Mary Njoku has shared her thoughts about marriage.

The actor claims that choosing the proper spouse is more important than getting married.

The actress called out other ladies who push people to get married in a post on her Instagram account announcing this.

Because of social expectations, she pointed out, the majority of married women are not happy in their marriages but would not talk about it.

She said, “Dear married women, Enough! Marriage is not an achievement. Finding the RIGHT partner is.

“Give the singles space to make the biggest decisions of their lives and find GOOD partners in peace. Over 60% of couples claim happiness often because of societal expectations.

“That was how Ifeoma was pushed to marry nonsense. Every weekend na hospital appointment for black eye, and spiritual warfare against physical side chicks

“Yet she is among those trolling single girls for the same marriage. Rest Biko. Focus on the Economy! And Let the singles BREATHE.”