MI declares free entrance for fans with PVCs at upcoming shows in Jos, Abuja


Ace Nigerian rapper, M.I. Abaga, has said only those with Permanent Voters Card (PVCs) will be freely granted entrance to his shows in Jos and Abuja.

The record label producer of Chocolate city who named the show “2019 CBN tour,” made it known that the show is scheduled to hold on February 1 at Polo Field in Jos and February 3, 2019, at the Abuja Central Park

According to him, it is a way of sensitizing youths to get their PVCs and as well be prepared for the forthcoming elections.

“People can register and get a ticket to the show but once they have their PVCs and are registered to vote, the concert is free,” he said on Thursday.

M.I explained that the show is meant to motivate young, underprivileged Nigerian rappers and fans.

“Our Tagline being ‘control the economy’, the idea is that we’re in a country where we’re not given all the opportunities. So we decide to make the opportunities ourselves and control the economy,” he said.

“The CBN tour is meant to be a vehicle that would help young artistes come together, vibe and have a good time. It’s something we do every year.”

The 37-year-old rapper urged fans never to allow anyone put them down in their struggles saying: “we have the audacity to be whoever we want to be”.

“There is no rapper on earth I think I can’t be as good as. That’s how everybody should be. You should want to be the best of your kind.

“Never allow anybody to put you down. It doesn’t mean you should be proud or arrogant, you just need to be confident that, given the opportunity, you would knock it down.”

“As a young Nigerian rapper, I expect you to be number 1 in the game because that’s what we do as Nigerians.”