Money can’t buy love – Wizkid’s baby mama


The backlash against singer Wizkid’s baby mama, Jada P, ensued online after she posted a significant quote about love and money shortly following Davido’s announcement of donations to orphanages.

Davido, revealed his commitment to donating N300 million to orphanages throughout the country.

Shortly after, Wizkid’s baby mama Jada P published a quotation from Bob Marley that states that one cannot purchase love with money.

“Money can’t buy love” – Bob Marley,” Jada P wrote.


Certain individuals on the internet speculated that her social media post might be linked in some way to an announcement made by Davido.



@iamkissking said: “Na Davido donation make una Dey cry for una camp so ???”


@aideinfluence wrote: “Today go really long.”

@winifunds stated: “Why you no tweet am since.”
@aideinfluence asked: “Wetin Jada dey cook?


@sammy_bowl declared: “Davido giving orphanage home 300m and you come here to tweet this is so lame. Baby mother”


@arisco24 said: “Donating to the orphanage homes in Nigeria is quite different from buying love. Stop this your bad attitude toward people who are ready to support in this hard time.”


@Hamzasimpa wrote: “Lol
After Una go talk say “davido is too problematic” ok.”