My eyesight is deteriorating, Tiwa Savage raises alarm


Singer Tiwa Savage has cried out about the poor condition of her eyesight.

The afrobeats phenomenon shared the moment she learned her vision was poor on Instagram.

She admitted that she has been having vision problems for the previous two to three years, stating that the condition has gotten significantly worse when she tries to read. Her vision becomes fuzzy.

According to Tiwa Savage, in order to understand texts, she often needs to take a screenshot of them and use her camera to enlarge them.

The singer has acquired a pair of prescribed glasses to ease her suffering, yet she poses a hilarious doubt about her ability to preserve her beauty charm while wearing them.

In her words: “Guys the last two or three years, I have been noticing that I will be squinting sometimes and when I read some stuff, it would be getting blurry.

“And in the last few months, I noticed it got really bad that sometimes I will have to screen grab a message and then go back into my camera and zoom. So when I was in London, I said let me go and see the Optician.

“So my long sight is okay for now, he said, not great; but my short sight (shakes her head). Like literally, I will be in a restaurant and I won’t be able to read the menu.

“But for now, your girl is back and you know I needed to make some luxury and got myself a cartel pair because ABG don’t play. Do I still look sexy?”.