My spiritual life worth more than my professional life- Juliet Njemanze



Nollywood actress, Juliet Njemanze ranks high in the movie industry, as she went from from a fast-rising starlet to an in-demand star.

She emphatically told Potpourri in an interview, “Acting for me is my life, my career, it’s my everything and I love it with passion and there’s no role I can’t take on. But I won’t take a role that will make me say negative things about God. If it’s in the script, they will have to take that part out.

“My relationship with my God is more important than my career. And secondly, I can’t go nude in a movie, not even in Hollywood with a mask. I don’t think it’s an option for me to go nude.”

The Imo State-born, Kano State-bred who rose to fame in the blockbuster movie “Calabash” also shares what it was like in the beginning.

“I would say my Nollywood journey has been a cool ride full of fun. I really went through a lot starting out in the industry because I put all my focus in it as it was the only thing I was doing at the time. It was really tough financially, most of the time I work for people and I didn’t get paid.

“I was almost discouraged and depressed at the beginning of my career. The lesson I would say I have learnt from this industry is that no one can make you, only you and God can make You. A lot of producers and directors would promise to help you and make you a star, they would promise you heaven and earth just to get something from you. The most important lesson I learnt is to pray for grace of God and don’t depend on any producer or director to get you to the next level, you can do that yourself,” she says

Juliet Njemanze is a happy-go-lucky roles-interpreter who would take on any challenge as long as it would not put her faith and morals at stake