“Nigeria is draining young people” – Rapper Dandizzy cries out


Nigerian rapper Dandizzy has expressed his worries about the terrible circumstances that the youth of the nation are facing, emphasising their difficulties in finding employment and leading respectable lifestyles.

The rapper attacked Nigeria’s dysfunctional systems and leadership on his official Twitter page, claiming that these things are robbing young Nigerians of their potential and vitality.

In his essay, Dandizzy bemoaned the fact that the current state of affairs in the nation may cause a large number of young people, particularly those from Generation Z, to reach 40 years old without having accomplished anything.

Dandizzy went on to urge the youth to awaken and reclaim their country from those causing widespread suffering.

He referenced the tragic events of the End SARS protests, acknowledging the loss of lives but pointing out that people continue to die daily due to the nation’s inefficacy.

In his words;

“Bro Nigeria is draining young people and they’re catching cruise lol, gen z no go know when them go reach 40years without anything to show for it make una dey do tiktok sha.

All of you asking me what to do, you have to wake up and take your country or suffer the same fate the other generations have suffered, yes people died during end sars but it’s not like people are still not dying everyday from the uselessness of this country called Nigeria.”

Recall that, Dandizzy shared a funny experience with senior colleague, Dammy Krane who wanted to ‘bless’ his career.

Dandizzy remembers receiving a call from Dammy Krane asking him to cover one of his songs, which would help further his career.

He said he cut the call off right away and blocked the singer because he thought her tone was patronising.

According to him, Dammy Krane should have suggested they put their heads together so they can both ‘blow’ because they are now on the same level again.

His tweet reads:

“Nah so dammy Krane text me one day say he wan bless my career make I do cover for him song, i cut call block the werey, something wey he for say make we put head together find way blow he say he wan bless me.

“I have respect like mad but he sounded so condescending for me to even pay attention to all that bullshit talk.”