Nollywood actress surprises mum with house gift for Easter


Actress Evan Okoro has pleasantly surprised her mother with the gift of a house, marking the Easter season with a gesture of love and gratitude.

Sharing clips of the newly furnished house on Instagram, she reflected on not having a house of her own but expressed joy that her mother now has one.

Recalling their shared struggles, she reminisced about the times they had to hawk goods and borrow money to pay rent.

Evan disclosed that despite being an actress, she resorted to hawking during that period, often feeling ashamed and covering her face.

She wrote: “My mom’s Easter gift came at the right time. Please celebrate with me.
Precious house gift to my golden mother, in ASABA city of delta state ….. congratulations mummy, this house is for you.

“I Told you that we would make it mummy, I have no house of my own but I’m happy you made it before me, we have been through a lot together, we hawked together, and I could remember borrowing money to pay for your house rent back then, even as an actress. I was still Hawking as an actress.

”Covering my face with shame back then. Chai mummy we are no longer poor the lord has done it for you …. This has been my dream life to give you a house in the city. Smiles I have given my all to my family.

“First was a roof over my father’s head in my village, and today is for my golden mother…. Father lord this one alone is enough for me I’m grateful”.