Nothing prepares you for fame – Actress Juliana Olayode


Nollywood actress, Juliana Olayode better known by her stage name Toyo Baby, has made a name for herself in the film industry because to her success in Funke Akindele‘s Jenifa Diary.

In an interview with Potpourri, the actress, sexual purity advocate, and motivational speaker said that she never imagined herself as an actor, much less a well-known one. She compared it to success that just happened to her without her permission.

“Jenifa Diary did it for me. It was really unplanned. Nothing really prepares you for fame. I didn’t think I would be famous. I used to have one drama group in UNILAG and our tutor used to tell us that there are some actors that would never be famous and it doesn’t mean they are not good and it just happens to some people.

” He kept mentioning names of fantastic actors we didn’t know. I believe that God gives different grace to different people. It doesn’t mean that you are not talented or good enough. That’s how God is. When the first season of Jenifa’s Diary came out I never believed I would be famous or come for the next season until people started calling Toyo Baby and I became famous. The movie did it for me,” she said.

” I think that sometimes in life you plan to do certain things and you have your five years plan written out and if you are somebody that submits your life to God, at some point God will disrupt your plans and put his own plan. He starts to lead your life in the way he wants it to go. I think that’s the typical story of my life. This whole acting was just God that launched me and put me in this direction. There is no way I’m going to talk about myself and not talk about my relationship with God,” she added.

Juliana Olayode is part of the cast of the history-making Funke Akindele’s “The Tribe Called Judah ” which has grossed over 1 billion naira at the cinemas. She shares her experience working with the legendary Funke Akindele.

“It always feels great to be on set with aunty Funke Akindele. There is a lot of emotion; sweet and exciting. Before we did A tribe called Judah, we did Bashorun Gaa together but it wasn’t her project. It was for BAP (Bolanle Austen Peters). It’s always really like good vibes, energy, fun and laughter being on her set.”