Parents should inquire their children source of wealth- Kanayo O Kanayo


Nollywood actor Kanayo O. Kanayo has counselled Nigerian parents to inquire about their children’s source of income in order to prevent premature death.
During an event, the actor shared a video of himself talking, which he shared on his own Instagram account.

Kanayo in the video.O. Kanayo spoke directly to the parents in attendance, stressing the importance of closely monitoring their kids’ financial activity. He sent a warning to parents in Nigeria, telling them to be wary of their children’s wealth sources in order to protect them from harm.

“Praise the Lord, my daughter has bought a phone,” said the actor, highlighting a particular situation: “Your daughter, who is twenty years old, does not work and has a phone worth 1.5 million. You are also celebrating her purchase.” She will then scam you out of ₦100,000 or ₦200,000 while you remain silent. Your days are numbered.”

He raised concerns about young individuals displaying extravagant lifestyles without apparent sources of income and urged parents to be vigilant.

Kanayo. O. Kanayo pointed out that the lack of curiosity about the origins of sudden wealth in children is a potential danger that some parents overlook. He stressed the importance of probing into the financial aspects of their children’s lives to ensure their safety and well-being.

“That is what is killing a lot of parents, there are some who aren’t working but will come with some kinds of money and cars and parents won’t ask questions. I’m warning you parents…you don’t know who your son killed to buy that car, you don’t know what devil your child collected that car from you would just praise God,” he continued.

The actor expressed concern about situations where individuals who are not engaged in visible work come into possession of significant assets. He said: “Parents, it’s a warning I’m giving you, nobody wants to die young.”