Patience Ozokwor debunks ‘fake deliverance story’, threatens legal action


The renowned Nigerian actress Patience Ozokwor has responded to reports that she experienced spiritual deliverance.

On Friday, Ozokwor called the “deliverance story” “fake news” in an Instagram post.

The 65-year-old actress, who is affectionately known as Mama G, issued a warning, threatening legal action against those who propagate the false information.

“Don’t say I said, saw, or did what never happened. Don’t carry fake news just to get views,” she wrote.

“Have a conscience. Life is too short, live it well. Disclaimer!!! I have nothing to do with any deliverance story going around social media.

“Those responsible will face prosecution. If you don’t see it on my verified platforms or hear it from me, then it is probably a lie.”

See post below:

Recall that, Patience Ozokwor, widely referred to as Mama G, has discussed why she thinks a woman should never give up on her career especially if it is her passion just because her husband says she shouldn’t.

Patience Ozokwor used a personal narrative about her own marriage to support her argument, saying that when her husband fell ill, her sister advised her to stop acting.

She explained she didn’t do it because it was their only means of survival.