PHOTO- Tupac’s full-frontal photograph up for sale for $7,500


Tupac’s ex girlfriend wants to sell a full frontal of his genitals for $7,500.

The picture was apparently taken at a 1990 house party in Marin County. His girlfriend at the time threatened to take a picture of him with his pants down if he didn’t cover himself, because he reportedly would pull his pants down and try to shock his friends by exposing himself.Clearly, he didn’t think much of the threat and didn’t pull his pants back up, and the resulting picture was taken and kept.

Now, Tupac’s ex is selling the picture at a rock ‘n’ roll auction house. She’s hoping to get $7,500 for it but will take the highest bid as well.

She will also be selling other party pictures from that night, but they don’t feature a nude Tupac.