Police arrest four for burgling Rihanna’s home


Four young men have been detained for allegedly burgling the homes of celebrities including singer Rihanna and baseball star Yasiel Puig, Los Angeles police announced on Tuesday.

Authorities declared that they believe the suspects are part of a larger ring that specializes in breaking into the homes of athletes, actors and Hollywood film producers for theft.

The home of basketball star LeBron James appeared on a list of dwelling that was seized by police and appeared to name future targets for robbery. The homes of actors Viola Davis and Matt Damon were also on the list.

The accused are three teens, two aged 19 and one 18, and the 34-year-old mother of one of them.

During recent months, the Los Angeles Police Department has become aware of a series of residential burglaries targeting actors, producers, musicians and professional athletes living in the Los Angeles area,” Lillian Carranza, head of the LAPD commercial crimes division, told a news conference.

The victims’ homes had been selected based on social media postings and touring or travel schedules of the owners. The burglars believed no one would be home and that the homes would contain sought-after valuables that they might be interested in,” she added. 

Police who made the arrests seized purses and wallets, watches, jewelry and a gun.

Recall that the homes of celebrities such as Alanis Morissette, Nicki Minaj and Emmy Rossum have also been burglarized in over 24 months.