Posting my wife on social media makes me happy- Kanye West


American musician Kanye West has given an explanation for his social media posturing of his wife, Bianca Censori.

The Yezus boss claims that he shares pictures of his wife on social media because “she makes me happy.”

In response to accusations that he overly shows off his wife on social media, West clarified that he writes music because his wife makes him happy.

He vowed to continue posting his wife, urging those who can’t accept it to stay off his social media pages.

Speaking in a video message shared via his Instagram, West said: “Ima post my wife as much as I want bro It makes me happy. Some people don’t want you to be happy. They want you to make them happy I decided to make myself happy and I’m happy with.”

Report recalls that Kanye West married Bianca Censori after his marriage to reality star, Kim Kardashian hit the rocks.