Reactions as Mayorkun addresses money ritual claim in new single


The Nigerian singer-songwriter Mayorkun has released a new song titled “Under The Canopy.”

On Friday, the song was made available on all streaming services.

The “Holy Father” hitmaker uses Nickie Dabarbie‘s voice recordings for the beginning, the TikToker who accused him of engaging in financial rituals.

In addition, Mayorkun responds to the accusation in the song and begs God to shield him from those who would damage his reputation.

Nickie previously accused Mayorkun of attempting to use her for rituals and spiking her drink, accusations which he denied.

In response to the charge, Mayorkun said he had to address it since he was aware of how easily credulous individuals can be. He further stated that he had never seen Nicki in person and was unaware of the source of her claims.

He continued by promising that he would charge her. The singer posted a video of himself in a studio recording and a taste of his recently released song on his Instagram page.

While some social media users have attacked Mayorkun and suggested that Nickie would not be pleased with this behaviour, others have wondered if this is all just a publicity gimmick.