Singer Jaywon discusses Diddy-Cassie assault case, advocates for empathy


Nigerian singer Jaywon, has open up about the lessons he learned from the assault case involving hip-hop artist Diddy and his former girlfriend, Cassie Ventura.

Following the release of a video on the internet on Friday, May 17, depicting Diddy physically abusing Cassie, the singer publicly apologised on Sunday.

The musician clarified that at the time of the occurrence, he was in a dark place.

Online users, however, harshly criticised him for his apologies, with many speculating that he would not have done so had the video not been made public.

Jaywon asked fans to hope they never find themselves in a scenario where they have to apologise for something they did in their lowest times in reaction to the backlash.

He made the implication that people who find fault with others’ prior behaviour frequently have their own unreported transgressions.


Jaywon made another post later saying:

“Some of these people beats their girlfriends and wife’s everyday but out here judging another one of their member wey hand touch. All I’m saying is that some of you are worst than diddy and I ain’t making a case for nobody. God forbids, but you know people hate the truth… they…”

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