‘Stay away from my man,’ Kunle Remi’s wife issues warning to women


Tiwi, wife of Nigerian movie star Kunle Remi has warned other women against seeking romantic involvements with her husband.

Shortly after tying the knot, Tiwi was captured in a video proudly praising her husband and emphasizing that he is no longer available.

She asserted that she has secured a commitment from him and reassured other women that their own life partners are on the way.

In the video, Remi was visibly delighted as his wife expounded on having him as her husband.

She said in part, “Listen, I have locked him in. This guy is all mine. I pray God send you yours. Stay away from mine. Yours is coming. That’s the word!”

Remember that Kunle Remi marked the beginning of the new year by revealing his union with his beloved, Tiwi.

On January 1, 2024, the actor used his official Instagram profile to share the joyful news, accompanied by delightful pictures of himself and his wife.

In the post, Kunle Remi provided context for each image through captions, concluding with words of advice for his followers to remain patient and receptive to God’s guidance in their quest for an ideal life partner.