US city declares March 2nd ‘Burna Boy’s Day’


The city of Boston, Massachusetts, in the United States, has officially designated March 2nd as “Burna Boy’s Day” in recognition of the Nigerian artist.

This recognition was documented in an official document of the Boston City Council signed by Councillor Ruthzee Louijeune.

The document highlights Burna Boy’s acknowledgment for his “performances and advocacy efforts.”

The document read inter alia: “Boston’s commitment to recognizing and celebrating culture and diversity is evident in the range of cultural events, festivals, and community initiatives that showcase the city’s multicultural landscape and:

“Whereas, Burna Boy’s legacy serves as a reminder of possibility, reminding us to continue amplifying voices that have long been silenced or overlooked, now, therefore be it resolved: That March 2, 2024 is designated Burna Boy Day in the City of Boston.”

Since rising to international fame in 2018, Burna Boy has hosted numerous sold-out concerts in Boston.