VeryDarkMan and I are not the same- Daniel Regha


Well-known internet critic Daniel Regha has shared his thoughts about the significant distinctions he sees between himself and well-known campaigner VeryDarkMan.

In an interview with Ebuka Obi-Uchendu on Channels TV’s Rubbin’ Minds chat show, Daniel Regha discussed the things he thought separated him from the well-known campaigner VeryDarkMan.

Daniel Regha claims that even though they both remark online, their styles and points of view are very different.

Daniel Regha makes a number of important distinctions, one of which is his dedication to an unwavering point of view.

He asserted that he does not rely on money or cheque to influence his comments, emphasizing the authenticity and independence of his opinions.

This stands in contrast to his view of VeryDarkMan, whom he believes may not represent a specific cause or principle, especially noting the activist’s reluctance to call out certain celebrities.

Daniel Regha pointed out that VeryDarkMan, in contrast to himself, considers his online activism a full-time occupation.

During the interview, Daniel Regha expressed skepticism about VeryDarkMan’s consistency, citing instances when the activist refrained from calling out certain celebrities.