[VIDEO] I don’t charge to perform – Dunsin Oyekan reveals


Spirit-filled gospel musician Dunsin Oyekan recently voiced his thoughts in response to a controversial online discussion on some of his colleagues’ fees for ministering, similar to those of secular performers.

Known for wearing all white, Dunsin Oyekan said in a conversation with content creator Timi Agbaja that although he doesn’t charge to preach in churches, some of his colleagues have good reasons for charging for their services.

The musician claims that it is a requirement of his consecration that he not charge to serve at events. He went on to say that even though he doesn’t charge for services, God has still blessed him. According to Dunsin Oyekan:

“It is a dicey question, it depends on what the Lord has told you, I call it your consecration, my consecration demands that I don’t charge, but God blesses me,”

Dunsin revealed that he “gets high” before ministering by praying in the spirit, in contrast to some secular musicians who depend on drink and other drugs before going on stage to perform. He said,

“I get high in the holy ghost, by praying in the spirit, I ascend into the realm of spirit.”

Watch video of Dunsin Oyekan speaking with Timi Agbaje below: