[VIDEO] I was sexually harassed by my uncle as teenager – Actress Temitope


Actress Osoba Temitope has disclosed an instance where she experienced sexual harassment at the hands of one of her uncles.

The actress revealed a deeply traumatic experience from her teenage years.

During an interview on the Talkshow ‘Talk to B’ with actress Biola Bayo, Temitope recounted that her situation escalated when her uncle began engaging in sexual harassment.

Temitope also discussed her recent struggle with depression.

“My grandmother came one day and arrested me, so I decided not to stay with her anymore. So I started living with my uncle and he started making some advances towards me, trying to harass me sexually. And I told myself, I couldn’t go through this again.

“I suffered from depression after things became difficult for me, I couldn’t meet my needs because people are not calling me for work. I stopped functioning, I no longer take my bath, I can’t eat, brush and all.”


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