[VIDEO] Sisi Quadri’s hospital plea hours before death sparks outrage


Fans are still in shock and mourning the untimely loss of beloved actor, Tolani Quadri Oyebamiji, popularly called Sisi Quadri, whose exceptional talent left an indelible mark.

A viral video capturing the late actor’s final hospital moments has surfaced online. The actor was seen in the clip passionately lamenting medical staff neglect. The video has fueled wide condemnation amongst netizens for perceived negligence despite the actoe’s distressing plea for help.

The video captured Sisi Quadri, discussing his health condition before his tragic demise moments later.

In the hospital-set video, Sisi Quadri was observed expressing concerns about the series of medical tests conducted on him.

He strongly stated that he felt well until the tests were done, expressing disappointment that his complaints were not taken seriously by the medical staff.

A subsequent video surfaced, revealing the late 44-year-old movie star in poor health, receiving intravenous drips while lying in a hospital bed shortly before his demise.

The viral video has sparked a storm of indignation among fans and internet users, vehemently condemning the Nigerian healthcare system. Many have shared their harrowing ordeals, drawing parallels to the late actor’s plight.

The Yoruba movie industry felt the impact of Sisi Quadri’s passing when his colleagues announced the sad news on Friday, March 1st.

In a recent report, actress Regina Chukwu shared a heartfelt tribute, reminiscing about her time with Sisi Quadri. She revealed that he played a pivotal role in her career, served as her mentor, and imparted invaluable knowledge as her makeup artist instructor.

Following his passing, an old video resurfaced online where the Yoruba actor proudly boasted about being a homeowner, circulating across various online platforms.

In the video, Sisi Quadri disclosed a surprising revelation, stating that he had taken the unconventional action of digging his own grave on his property.