[VIDEO] Veteran Yoruba actor apologises for praying naked for Tinubu


Olaiya Igwe, the veteran Yoruba actor also known as Ebun Oloyede, has issued a public apology to Nigerians for going naked at a beach to campaign for Bola Tinubu.

In a now-deleted video posted to his Instagram account on Monday, the actor said that his acts were motivated by a heavenly revelation he claimed to have received about Tinubu.

In the video, Igwe acknowledged Tinubu’s assistance, particularly in matters related to his health, as the reason behind his show of support for the politician.

Olaiya stated in Yoruba, “Because of the things he has done for me in terms of health, and I received a revelation to pray for him at the beach, which I did.”

“I was criticised and cursed after I did, but I didn’t care. I wasn’t annoyed with him (Tinubu), and neither did I react negatively to him. I knew the criticism was inevitable because I am a much-loved actor.

“People who didn’t expect my actions must have been shocked, wondering why I did what I did. I know the criticism would have come from Bola Tinubu’s rival parties.”

Igwe attracted attention in 2023 for praying naked at a beach for Tinubu.