Why I am rated the worst dressed Nigerian celebrity yearly- Dj Cuppy


The disc jockey and millionaire heiress DJ Cuppy disclosed that she frequently gets votes for being the worst dressed person in Nigeria. She attributes this to her less daring sense of style when compared to her younger sister Temi Otedola.
She pointed out how different she was from her sister, highlighting her taste for a less sophisticated or glitzy look.

Cuppy also said that she hates makeup and that she hardly ever wears artificial eyelashes. She also mentioned that occasionally her crew needs to prod her into donning more glitzy makeup.

She said: “I get voted worst dressed in Nigeria every year. I have a sister, Temi, she’s so hot. I genuinely don’t have her genes or her fashion sense. People look at us, they’re like there’s no way we are related, and we are literally three years apart.

“I don’t care about fashion, I don’t care about glam and looks and stuff. The worst thing about my job, I always say, is glam. My team has to beg me. You’ll see me on TV looking really good and then you’ll just see me in the club looking like ‘oh my God’. I don’t even like wearing makeup, I can’t even lie, I never wear lashes, I don’t do my nails.”