Why I can only kiss attractive colleague on set – Tiwa Savage


The main character in “Water and Garri,” an original series on Prime Video, Tiwa Savage, has revealed that she prefers to work with attractive colleagues.

In a CNN interview, Savage expressed her distaste for kissing sequences involving someone she finds unattractive and emphasised the value of her co-star’s nice appearance and breath.

When questioned about her ideal acting partner during an interview with Larry Madowo on CNN African Voices, Savage said she would be open to any actor that fit her definition of beauty.

She expressed her unease about having multiple kissing moments with someone who is not physically attractive, saying,

“Anyone hot. You never want to have a kissing scene with someone that’s not hot. That’s horrible because it’s not just once, it’s over and over again. So if the person is not hot, I don’t know.

“The cheque has to be big for me to be convincing. But yeah as long as the person is hot and has good breath.”

Savage also stressed the value of money, implying that a high paycheck may make her less committed to a position.

Even so, her top priorities continued to be her co-stars’ physical appeal and personal hygiene.

The latest release of “Water and Garri,” which debuted on Prime Video on May 10, 2024, corresponds with this interview.

In another story, Tiwa Savage revealed inspiration for her new movie, Water & Garri.

A video of Tiwa Savage at the movie premiere was recently shared and she introduced everyone who worked with her to make the movie, Water & Garri a reality. During the press conference, she spoke on how she came up with the idea for the new movie and why it took her two years to make it.

During the interview, the music superstar shared that she first conceived the idea for Water & Garri while she was drunk in her room.

She further shared that when she first presented the idea to her team she thought they would throw it out but they took it in, polished it and helped make it a reality. Tiwa Savage revealed that Water and Garri took two years to make and produce for public consumption.

The songstress had revealed that acting was her first love but she switched to music because of a man.