Why my first marriage failed- Iyabo Ojo


Controversial Nollywood actress Iyabo Ojo recently opened up about her broken marriage and shared what she thinks may have kept it together.

Looking back, Ojo admitted that her marriage broke down more than ten years ago due in large part to her immaturity and lack of experience.

As a mother of two who is presently engaged to celebrity Paul O, she stressed the significance of approaching marital matters with maturity and thoughtful thinking.

Ojo admitted in her confession that she wished she had been more mature back then and that she thought her marriage may have been saved.

She emphasised that in order to avoid making the same mistakes twice and going through more grief, people need be sensible and prudent in their relationships.

Even though her last marriage ended badly, Ojo continues to believe that love is beautiful and has the power to change people’s lives.

Ojo reiterated her commitment to promoting healthy relationships and spreading optimism while carrying on her message of love and resiliency.

She felt she could help people navigate their own relationships with maturity and insight by sharing her experiences and lessons learnt.