Wizkid addresses issue of women assault in Uganda



Ayo Balogun popularly known as Wiz kid has joined the train of celebrities who lend their voice to preach against women assault.

From a trending video on social media, the Manya singer was seen calling the attention of his fans to a man who was trying to physically molest a lady in the crowd while he was performing in kampala.

Wiz kid was heared saying”Hey,mister man, don’t touch that girl,don’t touch that girl,he went off at the unseen man, and then instructed the DJ to cut the music ”Listen to me…this show is all about love, we are here for love,don’t touch that girl”

However, his fans urged him to continue to the energetic performance but he replied by saying” don’t tell me to continue, just make sure that girl is safe, don’t you touch that girl bruh,don’t ever touch a woman again in your life,don’t fucking do that anymore and he requested for the presence of the said lady on stage.