Woli Arole questions Betty Irabor’s assertions on churches over Nigeria’s economic challenge


Actor and comedian Woli Arole criticised media figure Betty Irabor for her remarks about Nigerian pastors in light of the nation’s current economic difficulties.
Betty encouraged religious leaders to provide practical aid to the poor rather than depending just on prayers in a social media post.

She recommended programmes for their members, such as food banks, blood banks, soup kitchens, shelters, and dispensaries.

Arole responded by disputing Betty’s assertions on Instagram, saying that while some pastors may participate in charity endeavours, some decide not to make them public in order to prevent negative feedback on social media.

He wrote: “I personally don’t meddle into people’s personal tweets or posts, but I think I needed to post this write here; The Church is trying its best, the fact that they don’t post doesn’t mean they don’t DO!!!!. Go and check Google I know what Pastor E A Adeboye and the redeemed church have contributed to hospitals, @pastorpoju recently gave money to entrepreneurs @bolajiid recently donated money to victims of the Ibadan explosion, @mfm_ministries does a lot of charity @daystarng charitable works is uncountable, the fact that they don’t post doesn’t mean they don’t do, so this attack and speech against MEN of GOD is freaking baseless!!. Do your research before you speak!!!!.

“Stop making the church feel like they are the cause of your mishap. The Church has helped a lot, grown a lot, supported a lot. They might not get it all right, but how about what they got right? Abeggggi!!!!!!. The Bible says, “There’s a time to talk and there’s a time to be silent”. This is a time to TALK Abeg!!!!!. If the church has also been part of your journey for good this is not a time to also SHUT UP, freaking SPEAK UP!!!!. I am proud of the CHURCH and I am proud of it!!!!. Any product of the church in the audience?”